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Water Treatment Services

Southern Maryland's Expert in Water Treatment Systems!

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From Chlorinators, Carbon Filters and Water Softeners, we can install and maintain it to better the water in your home. We can test your water to find out what system will work for your specific issue.

Homes with well water will mostly likely have hard water. Well water contains minerals that can be harmful to your family's health, plumbing fixtures, appliances, plumbing pipes, and clothing. 

Water Softeners remove the minerals in your water that cause your hard water issues, allowing only softened water into your home.

Call the experts at Campbell's Plumbing to get your water treatment system today!

Signs of Water Issues in Your Home:

  • Clogged shower head

  • Build-up around faucets

  • Constantly cleaning soap scum

  • Laundry not getting cleaned well in the washer

  • Clogged pipes

  • Stains in your shower, sinks and toilets

  • Water that tastes and/or smells bad

  • Irritated skin / skin issues

  • Appliances wearing out quickly

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